Bilberries have a subtle and pleasant taste that is suitable for many purposes. Wild bilberries are many times richer in beneficial components than industrially grown blueberries. The wild bilberry is rich in trace elements, vitamins A and E, flavonoinds, carotenoids and dietary fiber, why it is often called a Finnish superberry.


The flavour of the lingonberry is tangier than all the other berries combined. Lingonberries also contain high levels of manganese, dietary fiber and vitamin E. There are also phenolic compounds in lingonberries, whose health effects are studied actively. Lingonberries contain also resveratrol approximately as much as red grapes, raw material of red wine. 



Cranberries, known as healthy berries, have a strong and fresh, distinctly sweet and sour taste. Wild cranberries have a high content of phenolic compounds, as lignans and proanthocyanidins, whose health effects are researched. Cranberry is also a good natural source of dietary fiber and vitamin C.


Mountain bilberries

Wild mountain bilberries have a mild and aromatic taste and they are known for their healthiness.  They contain high levels of anthocyanins and flavonols. Wild mountain bilberries are also rich in vitamins and dietary fiber. They suit best to juice, berry powder or for example berry soup applications.


Sea buckthorn berries

The yellow, fresh-tasting berries of sea buckthorn contain large amounts of vitamins C and E. Their health benefits are based on the combined effect of several compounds, such as the fatty acids, phytosterols, vitamins C and E and carotenoids. This highly valued raw material is ideal for the food, health-food and pharmaceutical industries.


The cloudberry is one of Finland’s most valuable natural berries. This yellow, juicy and very delicious berry contains a lot dietary fiber. In addition, it is high in vitamins A, E and C – in fact, its vitamin A content is manifold compared with other berries. The cloudberry is a popular raw material in the dairy, jam, bakery and beverage industries, and it is used in the cosmetics industry because of its excellent skincare properties. 


Currant berries

Both blackcurrants and redcurrants are considered as healthy berries. Blackcurrants are high in flavonols and vitamins A and C. Blackcurrant seeds contain gamma-linolenic acid and vitamin E as well as important polyunsaturated fatty acids. Blackcurrants are most beneficial in 100% berry powder form and other forms in where the seeds have been crushed. Red and black currants have many uses in the beverage, dairy and bakery industries.

The Aronia berry

The black and shiny Aronia berry (Aronia mitschurinii) is a true health berry that merits more diverse consumption by the public. The berry has a strong, piquant taste and is perfect for juices, jam and berry powder. The Aronia berry is rich in vitamin C, fiber and micronutrients as well as phenolic compounds, especially anthocyanins.